Ignite your inspiration with others for a planet-wide transformation on September 24 & 25!

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I know that you wonder what kind of planet we are leaving for our children, grandchildren and all the other life on Earth.

With all the uncertainty you face, do you struggle to move forward making the most of “what is" while holding on to the vision of a better, more harmonious and vibrant tomorrow?

Have courage. You were actually born for these times!

Your noble spirit came to Earth to be a part of a great metamorphosis of human consciousness that creates healing for you and radiates that healing out all around you through the exquisitely entangled Web of Life.

And you’re not alone.

Everywhere, people are making a difference and positive changes have already begun!

All over the world, people are recognizing that they are co-creators, raising their consciousness, remembering their place in Nature, innovating unique new solutions for healing and restoration of ecosystems, reaching beyond their communities to link their hearts and minds with other people with the same passion for positive transformation and other ways they have found to become the “ones we’ve been waiting for!”

Now is the time for you to heal, step into harmony, ignite your inspiration and to become a magnificent catalyst for a planet-wide transformation! 

“It’s who YOU become that changes the world."

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